A point of reference of the Swiss living
abroad. It symbolizes the bond of the
Swiss Abroad with their home country


Brunnen, a small town on the shore of Lake Lucerne, was inhabited by fishermen and boatmen until, with the opening of the Gotthard-route, it became an important place of loading for the cattle trade between the villages north of the Alps and the South.

A chapel dating back to the 17th century stands in the centre of the town. It was built to commemorate the confederacy, which was established between Uri, Schwyz und Unterwalden on December 9, 1315, in Brunnen.

The political community was being formed in 1848. Because of the old clerical organisation and the important farming community it received the name “Ingenbohl”. Different hamlets with chapels also belong to the community Ingenbohl-Brunnen.

At the beginning of the 19th century the town was characterised by fishermen, boatmen and farmers. With the increasing boat traffic brought about by the introduction of paddle steamers, the construction of the “Axenstrasse” and the opening of the Gotthard railway, the sunny town at the lake became a holiday resort with hotels of the “Belle Epoque” and famous guests including kings, poets and composers.

Today Brunnen-Ingenbohl is an attractive place of work with a high standard of living. Excellent general sustainable conditions for companies and tourism are on offer. The town also provides a rich cultural life and many club activities.




Tourism in Brunnen was developed at the time of the industrialisation. Hotels and promenades were built. The Seehotel Waldstätterhof and the “Grand Palais” remain as contemporary witnesses. At the turn of the millennium, tourism started to change and some hotels had to close their doors for good.

Today there are still about 500 hotel beds. The infrastructure with beautiful hotels and restaurants as well as a rich cultural life attracts many guests every year. The vicinity to the Alps, with access to countless mountains as well as the short distance to cities such as Lucerne or Zurich are all reasons for a stay in Brunnen. The lake offers watersports and the “Föhn” (warm southern wind) often provides Brunnen with warm and sunny weather.

The Tourist Information is centrally located and the helpful team at “Brunnen Tourismus” provides you with the best tips to experience wonderful days at Lake Lucerne.